1. How long have you been making Jeanie Bags?
I started 15 years ago, when I made one for my daughter, Jeanie. When friends saw it, they asked if I would make one of Jeanie’s bags for them! That started the ball rolling, and it has gathered speed every year since.

2. Where do you buy your fabrics?
Anywhere and everywhere, though I do try to buy local to the Scottish Borders. My husband always teases me, saying I never pass a fabric shop/ mill without checking it out! You never know what’s inside. The one thing I always do is buy good quality. I don’t see the point of making a beautiful bag out of poor quality materials.

3. How easy is it to clean your bags if they get dirty?
I try to choose fabrics that don’t show the dirt, or have natural qualities to repel stains naturally, like pure wool. But if you do get a dirty mark, you can gently sponge it off with warm soapy water, and hang it up to dry naturally.

4. What happens if it rain and your bags get wet?
They are very tough and hard wearing, and don’t mind getting wet. More importantly, they won’t stain like a leather bag would in the rain. Just hang it up to dry naturally!

5. Are your bags hard-wearing?
Yes! A bag is no use to me if it falls apart. They’re designed to last just as long as a leather bag, with reinforced 15ox cotton canvas lining, washable faux suede trims (far more practical than suede). I stitch and iron every seam and use saddlery techniques for a crisp, well-finished look. The foot studs keep the bottom clean, and any marks can be sponged with warm, soapy water.

6. How long does I take to make one of your bags?
As I make them all myself, it can vary quite a bit, and it depends on which design I’m doing. But I take great pride in the fact they are individually designed and made by me, here in the Scottish Borders. Not a foreign label in sight!

7. Do you supply shops on a wholesale basis?
No, I don’t. I would rather keep them exclusive, and since I make them all myself, I can control their individuality.

8. How long is the delivery time?
As all the bags are made individually to order, you should expect to receive your bag within a fortnight. If it’s likely to take longer, I’ll get in touch with you.

9. Do you sell Jeanie Bags abroad?
Yes! We are delighted to send Jeanie Bags abroad, and hope you’ll send a photo when they arrive! Please note that dispatch will take a bit longer, depending on the destination, and postage & packing will be charged accordingly.

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